Jazz Jackrabbit Collection installer


So, I’m having an almighty faff-on with the install script for Jazz Jackrabbit Collection.

It’s marked as platinum as it supposedly installs and runs perfectly… except it doesn’t even install, because despite claiming to install using the GOG Linux installer, it chooses to download the Windows installer instead, which I’m guessing causes extraction to fail, and thus it ends up failing when trying to apply the additional level fix.

It’s not my script. I haven’t even started wrapping my head around scripting yet, and despite my best efforts to figure out enough to try and fix it, I can’t seem to find any way to force it into downloading the right installer, so I’ve ultimately had to install the game (and that level fix) manually and add it to Lutris (which was its own collection of headaches, but I think I’ve got it.

So… halp? :sweat:

[EDIT] Because I’m tired and forgot the debug log: