It would be nice if we can mark and sort our games

This is the feature I miss so much. With large (around 300 games) collection it almost impossible to tell which’s where. For example, I want to choose NES game to play and I go through my entire collection and try to recall which game belongs to NES.

The other thing is “markers”. It would be nice to be able to mark games with tags - completed, want to play, doesn’t work on wine and so on. In addition to this, you can add user notes for each game. The icon can appear over the banner of the game.

And the last thing (not so important but would be cool) - statistics with synchronization. How many times did I launch Super Mario Bros? How many hours I spent on my RPGs? And all this splendor can appear in the pop-up window while hovering over the game.

BTW sorry for my broken English - I’m a good listener and shitty writer =)

Not entirely sure but I believe it’s being worked on. For now you can sort your games by runner/platform using the sidebar.


Screenshot from 2018-04-11 19-12-43

It sorts only installed games =(

There’s also a search function. Not ideal I know.