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Issues starting on Pop!_OS after update

Your solution work for me… o/
Thanks for share.

Yo! thank you so much. this old version worked like a charm. thought the issue was on my end…

Thank you, fixed issue on Linux Mint 19.2

It worked for me too! (Debian 9). Thanks!

Can confirm that this works, no more white screen after launching Bnet and logging in. Pop!_Os 19.04

Confirmed that this worked

Note you still might have to delete directory if it exists after you make this change.

Here’s what my Libraries tab looks like.


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Thank you Syrio, your solution worked for me as well!

this should be added to the github page. this is great information. it resolved the issue for me as well adding these lib overrides

Deleting the newly created directory worked for me. This is a good way to get yourself running WoW easily if Battle Net breaks (probably wont work every time though). I’ve been deleting it many times over the last few days so have been able to play WoW when ever I wanted. This gives time for the great peeps on here to find a fix.
Which they have now found by adding 2 libraries. Thank you Syrio so much !!!

I might be stupid! After the update I decided to do a clean install. I tried the 2 scripts. When the launcher starts I quits to include the 2 libraries. to make work again. Starcraft indeed starts. While I’m able to start a single match vs an AI I can’t get to an Arcade game. With both install scripts when the loading starts and gets near the end I either get a g_gfxErrorCompileFailed with one script or a freeze with the other. I have no idea whats going on! It was working flawlessly 3 days ago!

I should mention that I have Mesa 19.0.8 with amdgpu for my 2200G with integrated GPU vega 8 and followed the instructions for installing DXVK (v1.4.2) and D9VK (v0.22)

Addin the libraries mentioned on my wine cfg worked. Thank you @syrio

I tried everything, and nothing works…I’m on ubuntu 18.04. I can’t see which folder I’d delete…I did suppress everything and started anew.

Hi @libertinaire!

I was able to solve the problem by just changing the settings on Lutris, leaving and other games with support for 32bits, that is, I am using D9VK with Virtual Desktop.

Thank you so much ! It works for me. Ubuntu 18.04

Looks like many peoples are having thins issue. I think, I should not update this. Until this not fixed.

Hi @manueljpv…I tried to load with D9VK and I still have the same problem. What do you mean with a virtual Desktop ? Thanks.

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

This worked for me as well

thanks for sharing worked for me on Fedora!