Issues installing retro games off of disc

I’m having trouble installing/running my old games from the original CD’s. I installed Risk II following the steps but once it’s installed, trying to play it says the files can’t be found. The install process seemed fine, it went through the typical process as if it was windows 2000 but didn’t run after it was all finished. Am I missing something in the process? Maybe the directory where it’s installed in the exe GUI? Is there something I need to tweak when it asks in Windows speak where on the C drive I want to install it? I’m sure the solution is obvious but I’m completely missing it.

Is there a “for dummies” tutorial for properly installing retro games from CD rom?


What process did you use? I installed from virtual CDs and it works well.

One bug I found is that sometimes Lutris does not immediately register your game settings, so I do not press play at the end of the installation process. I press exit, then let Lutris realize the installation is over, press exit rather than launch, then click another game and then click the installed game.

If you still have troubles, you need to open the Lutris configuration of the game (select the game, bottom left next to play click the arrow, go to configuration). There you should set as minimum the exe file location. Others to set are the id, which should be the same as webpage address of the game on Lutris (except the Add the game on to your library.

Last call would be to find your game in Lutris and see if it has an option to install from media, then use that.

Let us know how you get on!