Issue with running Pre-launch script and Post-exit script


So, I am having an issue with post-exit script launching. It seems for as long as any applications are running from the pre-launch script, the post-exit script will not run after I exit the game.

The only way to make the post-exit script launch is if I kill the applications that I had the pre-launch script start for me.

But the whole point behind using the post-exit script is to kill those applications that I had launched via the pre-launch script.

In earlier versions of Lutris, the pre-launch and post-exit scripts worked before when I started my game and then exited the game.

I’ve narrowed it down to the pre-launch option causing the problem. I can set Lutris to wait until the pre-launch script completes, but then the game will not start until I close the applications I use for the game I want to play.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I think your scripts are not set properly, if it is a bash script you should add “&” like this, I would also add a disown.

exec random_program &
disown &

I tried this: random_program & disown

Or this: random_program & ← This worked before I started getting newer versions of Lutris.

Still does not work.

Seems like the only way to run this script and then have it closed by the post exit one is if I set it as a manual script in Lutris instead. Then start it manually before starting my game.