Issue with Path of Exile, game can't start

Hi everyone !
Just downloaded Path of Exile and everything went smoothly until i pass the character screen selection with this message :

‘’’’: In source code file : f:\buildslave\build\production\source\windows\visual\device\d3d11\textured3d11.cpp at line 171,
Processing file :
Error : -2003292336
Message :


And after i click OK the game crashes.
I have a similar message when the game loads before the character screen but no crash.

Did I install everything right ?
Thx for the help, i’m a bit of a noob…
Have a nice day.

I decided to reinstall completly the game following this video :

Did every step, the game does launch but i have a ton of errors like above about textures and game crashes again…
Any idea ?

I have it installed with dxvk, and it did work. When I get home from work I’ll fire it up and see if a semi recent update broke anything. Can’t recall if I used a script or went manual. Thinking the latter, but I’ll check anyway.

Hi ! I finally found the issue, i was running it with dxvk and dx11 and for some reason, in-game it switched to dx9… Now it works great !! I finally deleted my windows partitions and i’m never coming back !! :smiley:

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