Issue with Deb version of Lutris (Ubuntu, Battlenet, Exit code 256)

I’m having an issue installing Battlenet. The initial process of downloading the files gets to around 15-45%, hangs, then crashes. I’ve gone through all of the driver installations, and ensuring that the 32-bit libraries are installed, but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what the issue is. The entire debug log can be found here.

I have installed Lutris through flatpaks and experience none of these issues, and I’m able to install Diablo 4 fully. I’m assuming that I’m missing a certain package here, or there is some 32-bit library that isn’t installed correctly.

Mods, please mark this issue as closed. I have resolved the issue.

For anyone that may be experiencing this exact issue on Ubuntu, hopefully this will provide insight for you:

I had begun thinking that the issue was most likely due to a 32-bit compatibility, which I believe it was. When I installed Ubuntu, I told it to automatically install all of the Nvidia drivers that I needed. Since the command sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 had not been run prior to the autoinstaller, it only installed the required 64-bit libraries for Nvidia. I solved this by reinstalling Ubuntu, but installing all of the Nvidia drivers after installing WINE (where the command is run beforehand).

There may be a way to reinstall the Nvidia drivers post-install of Ubuntu if this option was selected, but I assume it could get messy and didn’t do it.