Is this considered a bug with Lutris?

Hey. With the help of another user, I’ve discovered what seems like a possible bug with Lutris, but I’m not sure. Please tell me what you think.

So here’s the issue. Fl Studio ( will launch after installation, but as soon as Lutris is closed and then reopened, it will not launch again. However, if you try launching FL Studio and then forcefully end the Lutris process via the task manager while leaving the Lutris wrapper running, it will launch. This seems to indicate that Lutris itself is blocking the program from launching.

It’s also worth noting that I’ve experienced the same issue when launching FL Studio via my Wine prefix with PlayOnLinux. But likewise, the same trick works. All I have to do is try to launch FL Studio via PlayOnLinux and then forcefully end the PlayOnLinux process to get FL Studio to load up.

Seeing as I can repeat the behaviour in PlayOnLinux, it makes me unsure that this is an issue with Lutris itself.