Is there anyway to use native gamescope with a flatpaked lutris?

Due to some interaction between my hardware, flatpak, and gamescope the flatpak version of gamescope just doesn’t work. I can fiddle with it to get it to display something but it’s basically if you just printed a picture of your screen and put it infront of a strobe light. I know gamescope does work, because I can install it natively and use it perfectly, but the flatpak version of it doesn’t work at all.

I’m not really worried about trying to fix the flatpak version of gamescope because from what I can tell it’s a hardware interaction I can’t do much about reliably (there are some workarounds that might work but they’re all very shakey and would likely break fairly fast) so instead I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to use a native install of gamescope with a flatpak install of lutris. (which I’m using to add some additional security when running windows programs)

I tried editing the flatpak path environmental variable in flatpak_kcm but (while that did let Lutris recognize gamescope was installed and try to use it) it didn’t work because the shared libraries weren’t visible to it.