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Is there any way to run different Wine versions from the Flatpak version of Lutris?

I am wanting to move over the to Flatpak version of Lutris. So, I am trying to use Wine from a different location on my system. But when I use the Flatpak version of Lutris, it can’t find that version of Wine that I point it to.

I understand that Flatpak apps are sandboxed. But is using ‘flatpak-spawn’ (so I can launch a specific Wine version on the host) a possibility to get this working?

How are you launching the lutris flatpak?
Lutris looks for wine packages in specific places, be sure to have the packages in the right places.

Obligatory read:

Also install Protonup-Qt to manage your Wine installations:

I am using the Wine versions from PlayOnLinux. And I’m running Lutris as per the instructions.

EDIT: I decided to go with the one from source. Since it is already compiled, it’s not a huge deal. I just placed it in my home folder and installed the dependency from the original Ubuntu repos.

I’m really trying to move away from extra PPAs so I have a less likelihood of my system breaking after any huge upgrades in the future. So, flatpak, appimage and source files is were it is at for me.