Is the reference link below official?

I clicked the first link after searching for “lutris” using the brave browser and this is what it took me to ‘’ (NOT SURE IF IT’S SAFE), it surely didn’t look like lutris but brave’s password manager seemed to recognize it as such and filled out my details, so I clicked login thinking “oh they need me to login to access the site now”… only to find the right address and type it in manually when nothing happened. I have changed my password just in case and I’m probably being paranoid but I just thought I’d double check.

Thank you

Edit: I’ve had a few moments to calm down and think, I know ‘’ (the main webpage) is safe and in fairness the sublinks below the main one (in the search engine) point to this website but what still seems sketchy to me (uninitiated as I am) is that when I delete the ‘/#/login’ from the url it just reloads the page instead of taking me to the main webpage.

I saw a YouTube video explaining url spoofing a while back and I’m wondering if that’s what happening (if that’s even possible in this case) or if it’s simply a redundant link that can’t load the main page for some reason

A hashtag means a link on the same page. It is often used when you want a script to run, or in case of a framework like Angular, it is also used for navigation.

Spoofers often mimic a webpage but the need to host it on a separate URL. That’s spoofing. When you see something like (mind the extra ‘t’) then you should be careful. When in doubt, check the lock icon next to the URL. This is the SSL certificate and it holds information about the ownership of this certificate.

I would directly go to the main page via and click on the login button. That should work.

So I shouldn’t worry about my accounts being hacked :relieved: :rofl: Thanks for clearing that up :+1: