Is Steam not part of sources anymore?

I’ve connected Steam account (set to Public) via the profile page.

The Steam for Windows integration is empty. And I see several screenshots of Lutris in guides online where “steam” is a Source. Was that removed? I don’t see it at all. This seems like a super easy integration that normally just works, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

On Ubuntu 24.04

In terms of Sources and runners, Lutris looks at what you have installed, and it seems to think native Linux Steam isn’t there.
I’m on 24.04 as well - running Lutris from Git, no Steam details entered in the website, just the client, with no issues.

Did you install an up to date Lutris? Ubuntu’s repo still shows 5.14, which is waaay old. Is Steam installed? Has Steam been run at least once? Are you running flatpak Lutris, or another type of sandbox? Try debug (lutris -d) to see if it complains about it.

Thank you for the help!
It looks like I am on 0.5.17 which looks to be current with Github
Installing Steam pulled everything in.
Thank you again.