Is an onlne presence needed when installing and running games on Wine?

Hi, just stumbled to this website and am looking at this software with great interest.

I do have one question: can I install a game on Wine when I’m offline or when I’m playing said game? I have many CD games back in the day and I hope to not be able to go online just to install them.

I can understand going online if I want to access Steam or buying games and such, but I am hoping that I can install early Windows standalone games offline.

Thank you for your attention.

If all the game files are stored locally (e.g. on cdrom), you don’t have to go online as long as no additional software package is required. To figure out, simply run a setup.exe in a wineprefix.
Lutris offers to “Install a windows game from an executable” when you click + on top border to add it.

The second part of your “one” question sounds disturbing. How could one install a game while playing said game? I’m confused!

Thank you for answering my question.

Oh, that one. I was choking on a broccoli when I typed in the question and almost died.

Please disregard.