IronSight ? .. anyone?

I just tried installing IronSight but im basically clueless as to what dlls and components to install, i tried with d3dx9 10 and 11, and dotnet4.0, but i got a “cannot find a runtime to run this application”, meaning the installer application.

upon research i found this has to do with the dotnet framework, i tried to install all other dotnet components from winetricks but they all failed, or did not install, just nothing happened for over 20mins, and when going back to winetricks, only dotnet4.0 was preselected, i assume this means i only have 4.0 installed, help?

i dont know if anyone else have had success installing this title and could guide me in the correct direction, or at least someone can shed some light as the basic generic components and dlls to install… will be much appreciated.

Thank You!! :slight_smile:

PS> I have StarCraft2 running perfectly thanks to lutris install script!!! awesome!! :smiley:
i just need IronSight running to completely purge windoze out of my system :blush:

What is the anti-cheat on Ironsight?

Our anticheat is called KAMU (formerly known as EAC), more info on their official website.

That’s gon be a no.

So games that use KAMU or EAC are unable to run in wine… pity.
Maybe once it gets released under steam? :slight_smile:

thank you.

No problem