Ipega bluetooth Controller


I’ve two Ipega bluetooth controllers (ipega 9069 and Ipega SW 2303) that can I play in Linux very well under native steam or native games, but with lutris this doesn’t work, some buttons doesn’t work, like L3, L2, L trigger and start, and looking through wine controller assistant in wine control panel all buttons are mapping wrong, trying to play with cable one of this controllers works well, tried to left activated dinput 8, xinput 9 and dumb ximput but nothing work, I really don’t found any topic related, even in github, I’ll appreciate any help with this, tks all…

All controllers are a bit different. You could take a loot at this: Gamepad - ArchWiki

Overall that link is approximately the direction you may need to go since the buttons are not mapping well.

There’s no guarantee that will even work and there could be something else. I’m just helping you to see things people do to get controllers working when they are not quite right for use.

I don’t find all that extra configuration worth it to get a controller working well enough to use when it doesn’t work well by default but maybe you do.

tks for reply, lets see if I could have any lucky!

trying to follow arch wiki, but on Fedora we don’t have a xboxdrv available, looking for something yet…