Invalid Wine prefix path

Hello, I’m newbie in linux gaming and I need help.

I’m on Fedora34 and use Nvidia GPU with driver version 465.31

I’ve downloaded Styx: Shards of Darkness from Lutris site. Then I installed it. I have a game in my steam account, but when I use steam proton, I see a graphical bugs. I noticed that I can’t start a game in steam now: it opens and closes.

When I start a game from Lutris, I see an error:
Invalid Wine prefix path None/prefix, make sure to create the prefix before saving to a registry
And then:
An error prevented the game from running

I saw this problem but I haven’t Wine.yml in this directory.

What I do wrong and how I can make things work?

Please post a screenshot of your “Runner Options” tab under configuration, it sounds like you have it set to use a custom version of wine with no path set.