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Integrate Discord Rich Presence

It could be really cool to integrate Discord Rich Presence in Lutris! For instance, it could display the game we are currently playing, the logo and on which platform/runner.

What do you think?


Here are some examples of Rich Presence implementation in Python:

So, no developer wants to try?

That might be very useful for our upcoming offline lobby feature

Interesting! :open_mouth:
What is it about?

Meh. If you really want to tell the world you’re using lutris you can just click add it! in the Games section of discord’s settings.

@strider might be useful, but at the same time in my eyes I know that discord is closed source so it makes security audits and privacy an issue (even if lutris is just a gaming platform).

Edit: as a side note, Discord really doesn’t like things meddling with their own applications; see the Discord vs BetterDiscord (integrates extensiblity into the discord client) issue. Though that being said since Lutris wouldn’t be doing anything of the sort It’s probably just a non-issue. Though, it does raise some questions harking back to Discord being closed-source.

very useful

indeed, that would be great, but with some functionality, like:
it indicates the game we are playing, as well as the rich presence of the game + the button to join / watch,
and there! there will be a real utility and it will be good.