Installing taking too long

I’ve been trying to install Genshin Impact on my Kubuntu laptop. All the installation steps have been completed and I am able to launch Genshin Impact but the installation process just keeps on going in the other window and no icon appears in the application menu (I’ve selected the option) or the Lutris app

When I press abort, it tells me that it will stop the installation process and gives me to delete the till-now installed data.
It took 4 hours to install and this non-stop repeated commands for 2 hours till now.
Is it installed and if yes, how do I access it except from the task at or the system tray? And is it safe to abort with unchecking the remove game files option?
Edit: I installed Genshin Impact using Wine

I have no experience with this particular game, but Lutris installers do have a tendency to get stuck like that occasionally. Not being a coder, I can’t really diagnose what’s causing it, but it certainly is annoying. Some people claim they have better experience with Bottles, but I haven’t tried it myself yet…

Welcome to the forum, BTW! :slight_smile:

Thank you for recommending Bottles. But bottles also doesn’t work for me so I tried using normal Wine without any extra things and installed Genshin and it worked expect a few UI’s crashing the game when trying to access them but they rarely get used so it’s fine.