Installing several Blizzard games

Hi Dox,
I have already installed WoW using your install script - which works great, I can’t praise you enough for your work. Now I’m thinking about installing Heroes of the Storm and I’m not sure how to best go about that with out endangering the WoW installation. Will your install script install the app a second time or will it overwrite the existing install? Or should I just use the app to install Heroes which would then go into the same prefix?

Each game install into its own prefix for that game. So installing a different game like HotS will go into own seperate installation. It will therefor install another copy of Blizzard App, and you should use that copy of the Blizzard App to start the actual game.

This means that each Blizzard App, will only know 1 game. And you should keep it like that. After you play WoW, press stop button to stop any residual Agent.exe. Then press play on HotS.


PS: If you want to use both DX9 and DX11 version of WoW, you first run 1 of the script, and accept the default location. Then for the second script, just add a “2” or something to the install location to install it into a different location. They will both get their own copy of Blizzard App, etc.