Installing.NET 4.8

i’m trying to install Magic the gathering Arena on my centOS, but isn’t going ahed from “installing.NET 4.8 This will take a while…” I waited more than 3 hours(2 times) but nothing happend. The problem is that isn’t showing anything so i can’t know if it’s working or not!
what can i do to solve this problem?

thank you :pray:

If you’re doing it through {wine}-> winetricks, it does take a while.

Depends on WINE version, but sometimes running 4.8 just doesn’t work.
For WINE 5.7, I tend to Install .NET 4.0 first, then 4.5, then jump to 4.7.2 or 4.8 (don’t forget to set it to Win7 when you finish.)
You can monitor wineserver and winetricks processes to see when it’s done.

From WINE 5.21, and particularly the new Protons, you can consider using the new mono versions instead.