Installing more than one Riot game

Hello. I want to install another Riot game. I have League already installed and I want to install LoR. Do I need to install it from Lutris site like League, or will installing LoR throught Riot Client installed with League work? Thanks for help.

From what I know, you need to install it via Lutris just like league. But the LoR installer script is a bit out of date and you will need to edit the installer script + 1 more thing to install LoR. In the installer script change dotnet45 to dotnet48 and when you install the game donot use the exe provided by the lutris script, it will show an update server down error.

What you need to do is download the exe installer from and use it as a source instead.

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It works, thanks. I tried to fix installer on Lutris site, but I can’t set him to download working launcher so I just changed dotnet to 48, and added this in instructions.