Installing language packs for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

I was wondering how to install language packs for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (GOG version). I can install updates (1.31 → 1.32), however the installer doesn’t find the language packs provided by
Is there a way to install them manually using the Lutris launcher or Wine in another way?

Best, taiBsu

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Hi Taibsu, you can donwload it manually via, then run it manually in thewitcher 3’s preset. select the game in Lutris, then you’ll have a little wine icon at the bottom, click on it and select ‘Run EXE inside Wine Prefix’. Select your downloaded file, and let the things work. When finished, you can have a error message but don’t worry about it, language pack is installed. Then click start and enjoy !

Hi @phoenixx68, thanks a lot for the answer. I tried as you said and the installer succeeded, however unfortunately nothing changed afterwards. What confused me as well was that the installer said the size would be about 50MB. Maybe it’s a problem for wine to copy the needed .bin files to the environment?

You need to download 4 files, one is executable, the 3 other are .bin files (for the French pack, that was i needed)
You have to put the files in a same folder in order to work. Hmm 50MB ? i think it’s not the good file. Did you go to your games library on GOG and select the right language ? For example, when I go on the witcher 3 and change language in FR, I have FR-langpack in the list of files, like this :

Yes, that’s what I did. I even tried running the exe launcher through the Wine console which also installed, however with no success after install :frowning:

Don’t you have a new setting appearing in the language menu when you launch the game ? (Options → language)

Unfortunately no, no new setting appeared in the settings :frowning:

Damn, I really don’t know what’s going on with this. Maybe seeing the logs might be helpful. Is it possible to you to send them ? what’s your system specs ?

Heyy, I did that rn when updating to the Next Gen update but my language pack (BR) is only working in cutscenes, while any dialogues during gameplay remain in silence. Can you help me?

Strange :thinking: When installing the game, did you choose the right language in the Options of the GOG installer ? It seems the game is okay for both text and audio on GOG dot com, so it may be a wrong option, or a library issue. Can you look at the logs and send them here ?