Installing games from Lutris library

I’ve added some games to my Lutris library on the website. On my steam deck, when I try to install a game from my Lutris library, it just says “no installer available”. I have the installer on the steam deck, how do I point Lutris to the installer when I click the “install” button for a game?

Can you give us an actual game you have a problem with? That might make things easier.

Alrighty, the game I was trying to install is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

OK, I see an entry:

Where did you get it from? Steam?

That’s what I added to my Lutris library. I didn’t get the game from steam, but I want Lutris to remember the game and grab the artwork and metadata for it. I just need Lutris to let me point the installer exe when I click the install button.

I would do it manually.

  • Click on the plus button, top left of the window.
  • Choose Install a Windows game from an installer executable.
  • Fill in the game name Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice.
  • Important: Check and fill in the Identifier sekirotm-shadows-die-twice, which is the identifier Lutris uses to see which game info to display.
  • Leave the rest as it is and click Install.
  • Choose the installer file and let it do its job.

I don’t know if it is a disk based version of the game but the above will hopefully get you a bit further.

Yeah, I could do it manually. The issue is that manually installing multiple games, and finding the artwork, and filling in the metadata gets to be rather tedious. Lutris has the ability to grab the artwork and metadata automatically, so it would be a lot easier if I could just point Lutris to the installer.

Maybe the artwork will appear when you refresh the list. The important thing is that you set the identifier correctly. Or using the search bar in Lutris to find the game and choose install from there? That way you are sure to get the correct identifier.

I still don’t know if the installer came from a store. I couldn’t find it on GOG.