Installing + Twitch App in the same Wine container

i just swapped to Ubuntu from Windows and im lovin’ it! but i have a slightly obnoxious problem: addon updates. I have been using Twitch App to automatize that task until now, that i learned it does not have linux support. So my question is if i can install both WoW and Twitch App in the same container Wine creates: that means sharing the folders and the registry.
Thanks! any insight is a welcome one.

You don’t have to. Install WoW in its bottle. Install Twitch in its bottle. Symlink the WoW directory to the Twitch bottle, run Twitch, it sees the WoW path and updates addons accordingly.


Could you please expand on that and provide some steps on how to Symlink the wow dir to Twitch?
I am new to Linux and I am using it wihtout any other OS. I dont’ really want to reinstall windows just for wow.
Thanks a mil!

Hi, TheCarACarn. I’d until recently been able to run twitch app in the same container, but in the last couple months, this is no longer working. Having come across this thread, I had success creating the symlink with the ln command


ln -s ~/Games/battlenet/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/World\ of\ Warcraft ~/Games/twitch-app/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/World\ of\ Warcraft

once you sucessfuly create the symlink, the twitch app should be able to use it when you scan the folder, in my case I needed to scan the classic folder, it would not use the whole wow folder.
Hope this helps.