Installing Aliens versus Predator 2

it took me a while, but to get this working on Linux, you have to go download the AVP2 all in one edition the exe version, install lutris and then use the ‘Best seller version’ not the ‘Gold Edition + fixes version’ it will ask you to select a disk, just select the ‘Aliens vs. Predator 2.exe’ in the full game folder in the AVP2 all in one edition, it will install like it would on Windows.
It is also important to browse the local files that have been created through lutris most likely in the path Games/aliens-versus-predator-2/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Aliens vs. Predator 2, and then replace the ‘avp2.exe’ with the ‘No CD Crack version’. Most IMPORTANTLY you have to go to the configuration panel for the game in lutris, go to ‘Game options’ tab and reselect the new exe that you have just replaced then go to the ‘Runner options’ tab and enable ‘dgvoodoo2’ otherwise the game will just crash while launching.
The 3 patches can be applied as well just need to change the file location to the lutris one that has been created instead of the normal .wine folder it defaults to.
Some guy figured out how to get it working on steam deck and this is more or less the method that he used to get it running and it worked for me as well, espically since you need to have the old rendering enabled which you would not be able to do normally through wine.

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