Installer submission problems

Hi ,
I created an installer for Jedi Knight II outcast for GOG (there was one for steam) and I submitted it. However in the unpublished installers of the game I can only see the forked one with name “change me” and only when I click edit I see the actual new installer I created. In addition, in my profile it says that I haven’t submitted something that requires moderation approval which makes me question if the installer was actually submitted in the first place(I actullay tried resubmitting again from the edit screen). Why in the unpublished installer I see the forked one and not my new one and how can I verify that it has been submitted?

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Yeah, this is something strider still needs to fix. Basically if you start a new install, or fork 1, the first copy is what you see on the main website. Only you when you “edit”, or the admins see the latest copy.

Also, yes, nothing shows up your profile, not sure if anyone has reported this.

Thanks for your reply. So basically I should leave it as is and when the installer is approved it will replace the “change me” one, right?

Yes, your latest draft/submit is used.

I believe the fix would be to show the latest drafts info in the installer list (on the game page) as well. Would that make things easier to understand?

Yes , it sounds reasonable. The problem basically is that it doesn’t show the latest installer name on the list and when you click on the “view installer” it still shows the one that it was originally forked from so, unless you actually edit it, you only see the old wrong data. The fix would be to show the correct(new/draft) installer name on the game page unpublished installer list and the correct(new/draft) installer script on the “view script”

Yes, Strider, you want to see your latest draft. That would include all your fixes, tweaks, etc. And you can see what the final product would look like on the website.

Hey Strider, can you confirm that you received the submission for the Jedi Knight II installer for GOG? I see that you accepted the name change for the Steam version of the game but not the Gog version installer that I submitted.