Installer resetted to default after submitting for publication

Hello, I just wrote an installer for Yuzu and tried it, it worked just fine but when I submitted it didn’t give me any errors and it defaulted to the almost blank document. Is this normal or should I write the installer again?

I see the installer and two unpublished scripts. Both are quite empty.

Did you know there is a Yuzu runner available? See the runners dialog in Lutris.

I rewrote the installer as that was probably a bug. Tested it and it works at least in my system. I can’t find the yuzu runner. Do I have to download it manually or is it in Lutris?

I didn’t download it. So it should be in the runners dialog.

Yeah Arch updated Lutris today and I got the option too. But the version is ancient. No Vulkan support even. I will stick to the AUR package for the time being. Seems to work fine in Arch. :smiley: