Installer: exe parameter with $DISC support

Is it possible to make $DISC working in the ‘exe:’ parameter?

Recently, I submitted an installer and it seems the executable file is only on the CD (e.g.:

In this case, it would be possible to specify the path like this:
exe: $DISC/teaser.exe

I expect there are more games like this.

What do you think?

That’s weird, it should work already since the game exe should receive the same subsitutions as the rest.

But requiring the CD to play the game would be rather annoying, have you tried merging the CD content in a folder in GAMEDIR then launching the game from that location?

No, I haven’t tried to copy the files. I will try it again.

I fixed the previous installer - it was also possible to start the game without the CD.

But the $DISC parameter isn’t working. ‘exe:’ seems to look in the installation path. Using exe: $DISC/teaser.exe in the installer results in this error message: The file /home/username/Games/math-blaster-ages-9-12/$DISC/teaser.exe could not be found.

But I think this is not really urgent to fix this.

The $DISC/path/to/exe would have worked if if had been in the game section of the installer, now it will be correctly applied even when provided by the exe directive