Installer creation

Good evening. I have managed to create an installer for the Twitch desktop client. The reason I did this was that I wanted to effectively manage my addons and also at some point my stream dashboard without having to access Twitch via a browser. The installer now works perfectly on my system (arch-based) and I was wondering if there is any interest in making this installer accessible to the public and if that is the case, how do I go about doing that? What is the formal process for acceptance test and QA etc. etc? Never committed to an open source project before so forgive the stupid questions. However, I am an experienced Java and C programmer so I am used to GIT and all that fancy stuff.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time!

Missed that completely! :smile:
Last time I checked it didn’t exist. Oh well… At least I got the experience in the field of making installers. It was quite simple when I got the hang of it.

Thank you!

You still might want to look over the script and maybe there are some differences you can contribute :slight_smile:

Well I have noticed a few things, not sure if they count as improvements or not but for example, I am using .NET 4 and .NET 4.6. Doing this seems to activate the systray menu and also I seem to have gotten the application to close when using the systray to perform the action. Hence removing the need to kill all processes from within Lutris. Which also is kind of nice. Furthermore, mine respects system locales, not sure why this is the case. Might be because I am using the official download link and not the update URL I would like to emphasize that this is my first attempt at this sort of thing and I am not claiming to know what I am doing. :stuck_out_tongue:
However, should anyone want to view I will paste it in the thread or wherever you like.

PS My installer speed also seems a little bit faster, but this might be a subjective view.