Installed games after reformat

Hi all,

I have recently changed Distro and have re-installed lutris with no problems.
I am just wondering if there is a way to have games that I have installed previously show? I have kept my /home and all the game files are still there.

Hoping there is an easy way without having to actually reinstall each game, as sadly I have really slow internet so it can sometimes take forever.


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What you’re looking for in your old home directory is:


Both within those hidden dot directories. The info about the installed games is files in yaml files in .config/lutris/games

That’s where your previous Lutris configuration is, runtimes and runners too etc. If you didn’t preserve those, I’m afraid you’ve got some manual work to do.

You don’t necessarily have to redownload all the games, you could manually create game entries for them and fill out the fields with the correct paths and stuff.

I have edited the above post to add information, if you’ve seen it, see it again :slight_smile: