Install switch not working

With the latest update to 4.10 I can no longer use the lutris -i /path/to/file switch to try out an install script locally. The Lutris client opens but the install script is not run. What has changed?

I can start by telling you what hasn’t changed: the lack of testing for offline install scripts :wink:

I’ve rewritten the command line parsing for the new lutris URLs (lutris:install/… and lutris:rungame/…) but haven’t done any testing for installer files so that will be broken until next release.

I’ll push a fix for that today on github.

You have to format the script like this (note, the script: has been added, and the section has been indented):

name: Frog Fractions
version: Offline
runner: web
slug: frog-fractions-offline
game_slug: frog-fractions

    main_file: $GAMEDIR/index.html
    disable_scrolling: true
    enable_flash: true
    remove_margin: true
    window_size: 640x480

  - game:
      filename: frog-fractions.tar.xz
  - extract:
      file: game
      dst: $GAMEDIR

You have to specify the full path to the script.

lutris -i /path/to/myscript.yaml

Should work…

Wonderful! Great that it’s getting fixed so quickly :joy:

Thank you guys!

Next version will work with relative paths as well