Install Games in a external HDD?

Hi! So, i’m in a laptop with a ssd for the system, but its a small ssd i can’t install games on it.

How could i install my games in a external usb hard drive? Like, i found out how to install the launchers and stuff you install though lutris (changing the path) but for example, in GTA, it downloads the launcher and you need to download GTA, but i can’t find the external drive,
Any help will be appreciated.

An external drive needs to be mounted first. I don’t know what desktop environment you’re running but on KDE a system tray thingy pops up where one can open the drive. When it’s mounted then Lutris should be able to see it.

I don’t know what will happen if Lutris is started without the drive being plugged in.

My laptop had a DVD writer which I swapped for a caddy with a HDD mounting. Bought it at That’s how I solved this problem. Gives some more performance too.

Ususally external disks get auto-mounted into /media which might not work for executables, depending on your distro. In that case a symlink might help. But the drive needs to always be plugged in and it needs to be formatted with a Linux filesystem (not NTFS!) to provide the correct permissions. So, as tfk said, an internal drive would be preferable.