Install Company of Heroes 2 windows version on Linux?

Because of technical difficulties CoH2 Feral’s native port to Linux does not support crossplatform multiplayer (Win-Lin specifically). Since there are around ~5-10k online players and Linux usage on Steam is around 1% that means it’s virtually impossible to find anyone to play with.

My question is: can anyone provide a tutorial on how to install windows version of CoH2 on Linux? Because of native port, there is no Lutris config and you cannot choose the platform on Steam play.

I tried Native2Proton - it downloaded the Win version of the game, I added the non-steam game, ediedt the launcher option, clicked play and… nothing happened.

I also tried to download the Win version via SteamCMD and then run /path/to/Proton-newest-version/proton run /path/to/RelicCoH2.exe adding various environmental variables like LD_PRELOAD but without luck - the command runs and nothing happens.

Any help would be highly appreciated

I am just going to guess, because I don’t have time to check right now, but if you install the Wine Steam runner in Lutris, then right click on it in the left pane and select “Run”, you should then be able to use the Windows Steam client running under Wine, and it will download and install the Windows version of COH2 for you. Lutris will then automatically make a COH2 entry in the menu for you as it scans the Wine Steam installation. You may need to do some subsequent tweaks under right click - Configure and/or right click - Wine configuration, to get things running nicely eg wine versions, DXVK, resolutions, all that stuff, but it’s easy to play around with in the GUI. Good luck