Install Button does nothing

Installed Lutris on Manjaro Linux. Logged in with Lutris, synced games with Steam and tried to install Assetto Corsa from Lutris GUI.
Hit Install Button, but it does nothing (visually?).
Then launched game install from lutris web account in Chrome. The game start installing, but it quits because of missing wine prefix.
Inside Lutris GUI and Assetto Corsa game settings i was choosing a folder for wine prefix in home directory. Now it installs, but the install window closed with a message, that other downloads are still running and Assetto Corsa is installing afterwards.
Now i only see, that Lutris is downloading something at 9MB/s with my router netmonitor.
No progress bar, nothing.

Why is wine prefix folder not set automaticly?
Why is there no visual progress bar when installing, or even a “installing” text anywhere?

What am i doing wrong?