Infocom games with lutris (on mac?)

I was setting up Lutris on my new steam deck. As such, I found frotz in the runners and got excited as I have been unable to play my Infocom collection. I have the Activision CD (I think it’s called Masterpieces of Infocom) which has all the ROMs for their games. Of course, no emulators I have tried work on modern computers. I would love to have this work on my Mac. Is there a way to configure Lutris to 1. run on a mac and 2. load the games assuming I download the data onto my drive?

I also have a separate debian desktop build which I could use on a large screen, but if I had infocom on the laptop for things like travelling that would be ideal. DOSBOX doesn’t seem to like the infocom or maybe I haven’t really tried hard enough