In-game voice crashes client every time you join a party

so, I feel like i need to bring up an obvious bug that no one is talking much about in the forums. ever since league updated about a month ago with their new voice feature you cant join a lobby w/o it crashing. now if you wait a min it will relaunch and work fine. The voice even continues working while the game is crashed.

if you disable auto connecting voice in the setting you dont have to deal with it but of course you then cant use the voice feature. I am sure there has gotta be some dependency or argument or quick fix of some sort. has anyone found a solution to this? can we get the installer updated to account for this?

HI, I’ve seen 3 posts so far that state the same problem and I have it also : game client crashes when league voice is activated.

I hope someone will figure out how to fix it soon :slight_smile:

But league voice works well when I am in a game, with no bug at all, and when it’s over, i have to quickly disconnect it when I’m back to the client.

Voice activated in the client makes the games crash and relaunch, and crash again and relaunch etc.

I’ts kind of strange that it only crashes in the client and not in game…