Importing Lutris game library, no games shown in Lutris

I am using lutris and I am on Linux Mint 20. I came from Linux Mint 19 and I wanted to transfer my game library over. I backup these files and folders and copy and pasted them into these directories

pga.db file into my /home/john/.local/share/lutris/ 

games folder into your /home/john/.config/lutris/ 

apps folder into your /home/john/.local/share/icons/hicolor/128x128/apps/ 

banners folder into your /home/john/.local/share/lutris/ 

But when I launch Lutris, nothing shows up. Now games are in my library. I remember this working last year when I complexly uninstall Lutris and reinstalled it to ensure this backup will work. Did Lutris change the format for its game library? Is there a way to get all of my games to show up again in Lutris? I had many games and it took me hours to get them into Lutris before since most of the games were manually installed (no runners, no script)