Import of playonlinux wineprefixes

A simple solution for adding games locally without the need of the webpage, might be an possibility to import wineprefix backups from “Playonlinux Vault”.
This would allow simple integration of games tested and customized with the playonlinux GUI.

PlayOnLinux prefixes are regular Wine prefixes, they can be used in Lutris like any other one. I don’t know what this Vault is, but I did use PoL prefixes several times in Lutris.

would be nice to have a “sync games from PoL” though. because right now you have to manually add each game in lutris and copy any settings (wine version, bittiness, mouse warp/etc, env vars from PoL “startup script” section, …) by hand and then add the icon manually. not an impossible task by any means (took me avg. 1min per game) but it’d be more comfortable to just click another sync button.