I'm having issues installing games with Lucas

Everytime I try to install a game I get this error message

The file /home/ username/Games/overwatch/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Battle.net/Battle.net Launcher.exe could not be found

I do not know what I’m doing wrong I follow the instructions exactly what it says to do I did not know what I’m doing wrong I am using a brand new install of kde neon any help would be most appreciated


did you get the message after the installing was done (when you try to launch the game ) ?
If that so the following may be help you.

I had some issue with some games because my OS is not configured in englis ( in french in my case )
By example with overwatch you have some config files modified

  • write_config:
    file: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/My Documents/Overwatch/Settings/Settings_v0.ini
    key: ShowIntro
    section: Cinematics.1
    value: ‘1’

so the path to the folder can be different,
$GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/My Documents/Overwatch/Settings/Settings_v0.ini
$GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/Mes Documents/Overwatch/Settings/Settings_v0.ini

download the json launcher file and manually edit is a simply way.

For battle.net (hearthstone and diablo 3 ) i moved manually the files from the windows drive

best regards,