Ideas for new games through Lutris

lots of stuff on this list that sound like they’d be great in Lutris

Artemis wäre hammer :smiley:

Aber abgesehen davon kann man in der Theorie doch alle diese Games per gescriptetem installer einbinden, oder?

Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator,

But except of that you could insert quite every game in Lutris if you are able to write a runner, right?

sorry, but even putting that through google translate I don’t get it

I edited it, sorry, When I wrote I didn’t realise I was using my native language :wink:

yeah, I suppose, but I’ve never written a runner before, and really don’t know how

Gosh I have to find a way so that people stop calling installers runners

Coureur contre installateur

@Strider: The Wiki?

Well the wiki is only good for those who read it :smiley:
When I came up with the concept, I had no idea it would be so confusing for so many people (a runner runs games, an installer installs them).

Anyway, this is not the topic. If anyone wants to get open source games in Lutris, the best option is to submit build scripts here:

Have a look at the scripts in the games folder (I’d say Dhewm is a good example The scripts are not very complicated so it’s something a lot of people could contribute to.