I reinstalled Lutris and I got error while downloading Wine-Lutris-GE-Proton


I reinstalled Lutries hoping I would be able to install EA and Ubisoft again as I did previously but when I started to install one of these apps the error occurred:

I don’t know why this error happen.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

The download still checks out OK for me, I can completely uninstall and remove the previous version (also delete the file in .cache/lutris,) and the download works and decompresses without problems.
Ubuntu 24.04 - I know, I know - it’s just whilst I wait for Mint to update though…

You mentioned you just installed Lutris, but please check the version and type of Lutris are you running - flatpak? .deb package? Git?

Can you download and extract the archive on the command line without issues?
Downloaded size (.tar.xz) 233577252
Uncompressed size (.tar) 980674560
xz -d to decompress, then tar tf

After all the effort to get it working, why would you remove and reinstall lutris???

God knows what you have broken now, but remove lutris, remove ~/.local/share/lutris then reinstall lutris

And if a game doesn’t work in lutris, removing lutris is the last option - launch lutris with lutris -d in terminal so you can see the debug output.


Thank you OJ1 for your help.

I should not reinstall Lutris but here we are …

I will do what you wrote tomorrow because today I don’t have time. I will report you about my outcomes.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:.


I did what OJ1 suggested. The results are that I managed to install EA and see its games in Lutris window and I tried to install Ubisoft Connect but installation ended with some error status code.

Here are my steps:

  1. There was not this folder in Nautilius - ~/.local/share/lutris.
  2. I uninstalled Lutris from Software app (flatpak).
  3. I installed Lutris from Flathub - flatpak install flathub net.lutris.Lutris
  4. I opened Lutris - the app started to download and install additional packages - the download stopped on one package - … 8.04-i686
  5. I restarted the system.
  6. I started to install Ubisoft Connect from a downloaded file.
  7. Wine-Lutries-GE-Proton installed successfully.
  8. During Ubisoft installaction, installation exit with status code - “Command exitet with code 256”.
  9. I started to install EA and it installed successfully.
  10. I don’t see EA games in Lutris window.
  11. I restarted system.
  12. I see now EA games in Lutris window.

Here are screenshots from my steps:

I noticed that Lutris display strange installation path and I don’t know if it is my mounted second drive where I wanted to install all games. I selected folder in this mounted drive but Lutris didn’t change it.

I would ask for further assistance in solving the problem with installation of Ubisoft Connect.

Thank you :+1:.

Ubisoft connect as source (on the left hand pane in your pictures) is broken - Install ubisoft connect using + button lutris title bar → top option (search on lutris.net) → use the default installation

Thank you OJ1 for your help but I don’t understand your instructions. I understand that Ubisoft is broken as a source but I don’t know what to do next. Could you be more specific?

Not sure if it is possible - I said exactly what you need to do to install ubisoft connect - read what I wrote

Ok, thanks. Today I don’t have time for this task but I will try to do that in the next days :+1:.

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Hello @Eccololo
I maybe had similar problem. The new 9th proton-GE versions couldn’t be loaded into Lutris.
It’s fact, that Lutris started to update the runner (Wine-GE-8.x) automatically ootb. You can change this.

For Wine-GE-Proton9.x they use the new update-tool “UMU-Proton9.0” (UMU-launcher).
Have a look into Lutris’ settings … or in the settings of the game prefix.

You can also specify a path to your games, where you want to save & use them.
(But don’t use a NTFS, FAT32 or extFAT file system for your games!)

Maybe it helps you … or you just have a different issue than me.
Best regards

Please note that the UMU support requires a flag for it to be enabled on the distro OP is using - they do not have access to it and it is an experimental feature right now, ie not in production. In this case, the issues with Ubisoft connect relate to a change Ubisoft made to their launcher a few weeks ago which stops the lutris integration from working meaning you install Ubisoft from the lutris.net script then install the games in Ubisoft without the ability to have automatic links created for each game in the lutris library. You can manually do this last step by defining the uplay arguments, but OP is not at that point yet.