I managed to run Kamidori Alchemy Meister on linux mint

It took me about a week but I finally got this game to run on lutris.

First I installed wine, lutris, winetricks and cdemu.

Then I went to languages and installed the japanese language.

Then I mounted the kamidori.mds file with cdemu.

Then I installed the game with lutris using the autorun.exe file inside the .mds file, making sure the installer preset was set to windows 10 64 bit and the locale was set to japanese.

Then I installed the kami_ap01.exe, kami_ap02.exe and kami_200.exe files using the same method detailed above.

Then I copied all the files located inside the kamidori 1_1 ENG folder to the game’s install directory.

Then I right clicked the game on lutris, clicked on configure and changed the executable from age.exe to kamidori english.exe. I also disabled DXVK, VKD3D, Esync, Fsync BattlEye anticheat and Easy anticheat, otherwise the game will lag on fullscreen.

Finally I installed the fakejapanese and fakejapanese_ipamona fonts to prevent the game from crashing when trying to display text. I also installed the lavfilters dll, otherwise the cutscenes and battle animations will glitch and be displayed as color bars.

I’ve played the game all the way through the prologue up until the first chapter and i’ve only had somewhat minor issues.


-The text will sometimes be too small making it difficult to read, changing the font using the in-game setting and running the game in fullscreen will somewhat mitigate this.

-If you move the cursor to the very top of the screen the game will switch from fullscreen to windowed.

-Rarely the game will crash while trying to display a battle animation. So far this has happened to me only once.

-The game will stutter during transitions, in the middle of fights, when displaying dialog options and when saving or loading a game.