I don't know how to get wine-esync

Hello, I am new to Lutris.
I wanted to use Steam for Windows with Wine on Lutris to see if it can improve my gaming experience with Windows games since I can’t run them through Proton.
But I am facing this problem when running the Steam version of Windows


Can you help me?

If your system wine isn’t up to the task, try another wine runner like lutris-7.2-2. It certainly has Esync (and Fsync) support.

It’s a drop list on the Runner Options tab, in the Configuration of the game (instance where you have the Windows Steam installed)

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Thanks for that answer. I have been fighting config issues with p99 off and on for months. This fix actually worked!

Same problem here with Ubuntu and Lutris v0.5.13. Upgrading to Lutris v0.5.14 solved the issue.

No - what solved the issue is 0.5.14 on initialization downloaded the latest wine-ge (8.21) inside lutris, set this as the default wine version and your game (which you had not changed from using the default wine inside lutris) now had a e/fsync capable wine version to use.

The error itself is due to lutris pulling in a system wine version which does not support esync and a game having esync enabled on the runner options tab