I don't have Wine-6.0-rc1 option in my runners

Hello everyone, I will just put a disclaimer that I am not familiar with wine or lutris. I got a few games to run and that’s about it, anything that requires troubleshooting is outside of my domain. A software I want to install requires Lutris Wine 6.0-rc1 I have 6.0 but not the rc1 version.

i submitted an update for the clip studio paint to use 6.0 instead of 6.0rc1

feel free to try this revision

I’m sorry, is this revision hyperlinked? I cannot click on it. And when I tried to install the latest version that’s been modified yesterday, I still get the requirement for rc1

The quick way, login to site and goto clip paint page, select edit script, scroll down to the bottom of the install script and delete the line “version: lutris-6.0-rc1-x86_64”, press save and then press test this script.

Thank you, go it to install properly :smiley: