I can t see the list of linux games

Hi everybody and sorry of my english.

I m a newbye in linux and i was looking for a game center that just show to me a list of playable games on linux.

I installed lutris but i’m not interested in emulated games…i would just a list of linux games.

I don t see it in no places…

I just see a search bar where i can write what i search…but there isn t a list …for example…of adventure games playable.

So…please (i m new) …i should look others utilities or i wrong something here?

Than you all

Hello @jonny78 !

Lutris isnt a list of linux game.
it is a system that allows you to launch and integrate linux or non-linux games on your PC!

It is simple, when you download it, you can join another launcher game account.
For example : Stam, gog, ubiconnect…
All games you buy can be download, install and play in lutris station ! :smiley:

It is also a set of software that allow you to play windows games on linux. (it uses “wine, proton”…that emulate )
(Warning, all windows game don’t run easily, you need to work and search a little, but generally is instantly).

Also, if you have old cd game you can use it on lutris too !
Or game you download without DRM.

If you want just see what game run native in lutris, you can go to itchio, gog or steam for that. (and others websites off course)

Have a good day !

You are really gentle, thank you :slight_smile:

I m looking for a game center (as ubuntu) with a list of games.
But i ve an asus eee pc 1005ha single core 32 bit, 1 gb of ram
and i’ve installed yesterday an MX LINUX 32 bit

could you suggest to me something ( i’ve tried DISCOVER KDE…but is terribly slow)

thank yo so mutch :grinning: :grinning:

Warning. :exploding_head:
Ubuntu isnt a game center. Is an GNU/Linux os.
You dont have “game center”, a game center is a gaming console. (playstation, gameboy, xbox).
It is a multimedia center that can also play video games.
What you need to know is that linux PCs are clearly not the most convenient way to play on PCs.

Ubuntu is great for begginer to use. Is ok. (you can also go to ubuntu forum, people are nice for helping).

So we need to understand what you want.
You want an interface to buy and play linux games, easy to use is it?

  1. You have to register on gaming platforms.
    The ideal for a linux player is steam and/or GOG.

Both have a section of games dedicated to linux distributions, they have a good community, and a good after-purchase help service.
I recommend GOG, which is less powerful, but offers games without “DRM” (internet protection) also is great for buy old games, (many point and click and old good stuffs)
It’s simple, once registered, you buy the games that will be in a virtual library.

  1. Donwload Lutris.
    Lutris allows you to link your 2 accounts to the software. (to the left of the software, you must click on the name of your shop, and give your pseudonym and your password)
    Once you install the games, you can launch them directly from lutris.
    Very convenient to install.

As a reminder, lutris also allows to install windows games that are not normally compatible linux

  1. install yours games, and enjoy. ! :partying_face:

Hello mate,
sorry…i meant Software center (not game center :smiley: )
However really thank you for your support,
you are areally nice

thank you :wink:

I would also add that with such a low spec eeePC, you are basically confined to the GOG.com classic games library. Those specs are just way too low for most modern games.

On a side note, Wine and Proton are not emulators, they are software compatibility layers. GNU/Linux and Windows, in most cases, use the exact same hardware architectures, so there is no necessity to emulate, and Wine and Proton use this fact to their users’ advantage. The practical difference for the end-user is that with a compatibility layer we have much, MUCH less overhead than what we have when using an emulator – thus games run faster and smoother than they would in an emulator.

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