I am trying to install lutris on my steam deck but it is not workning

i am completely new to linux, i tried to install lutris to get some of my windows games. I got everything almost working, wrote the stuff in the konsole but when i try to enter my password nothing happens. no text or nothing so is there an alternative way to install where i dont need to enter my password?

What is probably happening is that you are trying to install lutris at system level without unlocking the system. Which is ok for the steam deck.

Note the following:

This requires disabling the read only flag of your Deck’s system drive and should only be done if you’re comfortable with Linux to some extent. Consider re-enabling the read-only flag after installing Lutris.

As far as I know, I don’t have a steamdeck myself, you could just download the files from the git to any random folder and run the binary (it is actually just a python script).

I understand you are new to linux and I’m not simplifying the steps as they might be dangerous (specially if you disable the read only flag), I would hate that you ruin your current installation. Just do what you are comfortable with.