I am really suggest to use nvidia-xrun!

Guys I was installed nvidia-xrun and I tried recently.
And boom there is ! Fps is incresed huge. Bumblebee is really garbage :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna know what are you thinking about vulkan api and nvidia-xrun pack?

Hey, could you write small instruction what exactly did you do ? = )

I installed nvidia-xrun but i don’t have the whole picture how this should work
I run tty2
login and run nvidia-xrun lutris or smth ?

When i tried this there are lots of errors comming up = )
And xorg doesn’t want to initialize

Have you tried this guide ?

Thank you, actually i’m on fedora 28 now = )
I just realized that i don’t even have bumblebee
And seems like it doesn’t want to install, may be this is temp repo issues i will try a bit later

So i managed to install bumblebee but seems like it doesn’t work for me even i went trough troubleshooting page and it broke my nvidia driver so i had to reinstall it = )
I think that it works well for arch
but for fedora 28 it needs a bit more time and knowledge to install
Hopefully it will be fixed or some new posts will come = )

Hmm that weird. Im using manjaro with bumblebee,xrun And used this guide :no_mouth:

I dont know any think about Fedora Im sorry…