How would you build WINE like Lutris does it?

Can someone guide me how Lutris WINE packages are being built?
Since Lutris team uses newer glibc than the one on my system I’d like to build some of those myself. I’ve tried doing it and managed to get 64bit version buillt (tkg vkchildwindow branch), but without 32 bit and thus not really usable.
What parameters you need to pass during configure / make to get this super nice folder structure (bin, lib, lib64 etc)?

Have you tried using main branch of lutris/wine? It doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything special with the build process, so maybe the defaults already have what you need.
Otherwise, try the official manual.

the problem is I don’t know what options you need to set during configure / make to get those super nice directory structure.
I can’t use precompiled packages as someone who does it for Lutris uses newer glibc than the one I have on my system - thus those builds do not work on my end … and I need to build it myself.

Have you tried doing make install to a custom directory (you can find corresponding parameters by running ./configure --help)?

tried that - but when I tried to build 32bit the libs still went to lib64 directory. I’d love to hear what Lutris folks do to build wine packages.
I probably used a wrong parameter - but that’s why I’m asking how it should be done :slight_smile: .

I’d start with checking if you actually have all 32-bit dev libraries/dependencies to build 32-bit stuff…

I have - what I’m missing is how you set it up to get this nice multiarch package (used spec file for the Wine offered by the distro to find those).
The only issue is on one of my systems for some reason configure complains about lack of OpenGL dev libs for 32 bit, but luckily on other one it works.

It appears only one architecture is built at a time, so I’d say they’re doing it twice with different config (with/without --enable-win64, perhaps). Or maybe --with-wine64 does the trick, IDK.

haven’t figured it out (I can do “make” , but I got everything gobbled up - not arranged that nicely). If one of the awesome folks building those for Lutris could write a short guide how they do it that would be awesome.