How to use Dosbox and PCSX2 in Lutris

How do you install a Dosbox game?
Cant see how to install a PS2 rom either …yet Lutris has Dosbox and PCSX2 runners.

Seems when you install a game there is only an option for wine/exes…

I did mange to install Master of Orion 2 from GOG but it has no sound since it wasnt installed through Dosbox I guess.

I just tried installing Master of Orion 2 from GOG, and it wouldn’t start.

I went into the installation folder ($HOME/Games/master-of-orion-2) and tried to start it manually with ./ , and it needed the libpng12 library. libpng12 is included in the subfolder dosbox/libs, but the Lutris installer doesn’t set it up. If your distribution has moved on to a later version of libpng (like mine has), the game stops working.

I think many of the installers for DOS games have the same problem, It’s really dumb, because the game works fine if you start it with the dosbox included in your distribution.

EDIT: Ok, if you edit $HOME/Games/master-of-orion-2/support/gog_com.shlib , find the line

./dosbox/dosbox -conf “${conf_1}” -conf “${conf_2}” -no-console -c exit

…and remove the “./dosbox/” at the start of the line, so it reads:

dosbox -conf “${conf_1}” -conf “${conf_2}” -no-console -c exit

… it uses the dosbox included with your distribution. Just make sure to install dosbox using your distribution’s package manager.

With this workaround, all the settings and setup options should work as GOG intended.

I appreciate the info and will try it out.

But may I ask how you installed the game to Lutris?
Because when you install a game there is no option to add it through dosbox (or PCSX2 for example). So I dont understand how one would use these runners in Lutris.

Does anyone know of a guide explaining these things. I can easily install a wine game ofcourse, but I havent figured out dosbox etc.

Ayr, I used the GOG(Auto) version.

GOG makes Linux installers for DOS games, so you can download the installer from GOG, and run it from a Linux terminal window. These installers also include a copy of dosbox for Linux.

The GOG(Auto) installer just treats Master of Orion 2 as a Linux game, downloads the Linux installer from GOG, unpacks it, and runs the included version of dosbox for Linux.

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I worked it out, basically Lutris launches Dosbox and PCSX2 in separate windows from the runners section. So it is a little different than how it adds games in the wine section.

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