How to upload a legally sharable game to Lutris?

It’s kosher, the official site doesn’t host the files any longer but the publisher allows people to share it

I’d like to put Inner Worlds on Lutris ( to go with the installer I created (, which I haven’t tested, cuz the game’s not there yet).

Send me a link to the game (I couldn’t find it on the official website) and I’ll host the files on

That’s a clean file (no visit our Adware/W₳REZ/PRON links) originally from Internet Archive but their filling data has been removed. Registered/Full version of the game.


The file is now uploaded on our server and I’ve changed the link in your installers (also fixed a few things).

Thank you. Figured things needed fixing :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hmm, doesn’t work. After downloading it says “game does not exist”

I only fixed the most obvious errors in the installer but haven’t tested it yet :smiley:

Installing Inner Worlds
game does not exist

Since no one with more experience has fixed this, I’m going to have another go at it.

I failed and I’m giving up
the file is on the lutris server and contains:

  • IW.ICL
  • IW.PIF
  • IW.EXE
  • IW.CFG

IW.EXE is the monolithic DOS MZ executable (17MB)
SETUP.EXE is only for setting sound card data, it’s already set for standard SoundBlaser 16 matching default DOSBox settings.
IW.CFG is human readable and modified by SETUP.EXE and/or the in-game options

I requested my IW submissions be removed and I now leave it to people who know what they are doing.

The installer for Inner Worlds now works! :smiley:

Thank you strider!

The GNU/Linux native version of Inner Worlds
I HAVE IT! I HAVE IT! I HAVE IT! After years of searching I HAVE IT!

So, it requires, from the libc5 package. libc5 requires ldso 1.9. Both havn’t been used in most distros since 2004 but I got the .deb files from the Ubuntu Hoary repos and installed them. But Inner World fails to run (like many old binaries)

$ ./inner
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Well, I have the file. Shall I upload it anyway?

Here it is:
I hope someone can figure out how to run it on modern systems.

UPDATE: I installed Debian Bo on an old computer. Attempted to run Inner Worlds. Same result: Segmentation fault (core dumped). Hopefully original documentation might help. No clue on finding that so far.